Who am I?

I am a mom, wife and photographer. I like to make people smile and keep it forever.

What do I like to photograph? 

family, love, children, curiosity, newborns, innocence, seniors, adventure, couples, enchantment, professional, motivation, headshots, passion, portfolio, success, pets, fun, nature, facinating



South Jersey, Philadelphia, anywhere and everywhere I go.

Why am I a photographer?

My parents gave me my first camera for my 8th birthday and they probably wished they hadn’t. I took countless pictures of our pets, family, bugs, trees, and just about anything that came into my line of view. I remember them bribing me to do chores in exchange for development of some of the rolls of film from my “collection”. When I was 14, I “hijacked” my dad’s 35mm SLR that he used for work. It was mine from then on. He had to ask to “borrow it” when he needed it. I always intended to be a professional photographer. I have a an obsession with the hidden beauty that can be found in almost everything that surrounds us and I am always looking for it. That is what I am good at and that is what I love.

Time passes by so quickly. The moments that build our families and make us who we are can easily be forgotten and lost in the craziness of life. We need to cherish these moments and this life that we work so hard for, and have the ability to look back later in life and enjoy them as much as we want, whenever we want. We need to be able to remind ourselves how awesome life can be.

Life took me a few other directions, but here I am, back to doing what I love.

The birth of my son emphasized the priorities of life, and reaffirmed my passion for photography.  My extraordinary husband has given me all the support and love to help me do what I am meant to do.


Whenever you need me.


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